Siacoin Wallet and How to transfer your Siacoins to Wallet


At present, Sia only supports desktop wallets on Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms.

  • Download the most recent Sia wallet here.
  • Run the wallet and wait for synchronization with the blockchain. (This can take several hours.)

Once you install your wallet. Follow the following steps to get Siacoins in your wallet

  1. Download the latest version of the Siacoin wallet. Here is the link. This app is just not a wallet but you can do a bunch of other stuff but for this article, we will just focus on the wallet functionality.siacoin wallet
  2. Extract the wallet file and then run the Siacoin UI and let it synchronize. You would need to click SiaUI.exe file. (Sometimes This can take several hours.)
  3. Go to the wallet tab on your Siacoin App and click there.sia wallet
  4. Create a new wallet and unlock it using the seed key displayed. (Unlocking can take several minutes.)sia-ui-create-wallet-1
  5. Please copy the seed and password. You would need password and seed.
  6. Secure the key to a safe place and confirm it.
  7. Click the Receive Siacoin button and send the Siacoin you purchased from the exchange to this address.


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